Commodities Wrap-Up – 2019.09.13

The week in grains, metals, and energy as The Heidler sees it.

Equities Wrap-Up – 2019.09.13

The Heidler provides his wrap-up on equities for this past week with a little analysis for good measure. There was a pretty solid short term rally in the S&P and FXI over the last week or so. It will be interesting to see…

Equities Wrap-Up – 2019.09.06

The Heidler’s take on the week in equities…focusing on the S&P, crude, and Chinese stocks.

Equities Wrap-Up – 2019.08.23

Equities Wrap-Up – 2019.08.23

It was a relatively uneventful week until today. Things were shaping up to have the major indices finish in the positive until President Trump, in one tweet, referred to Chinese President Xi as an enemy and equated Fed Chair Powell to a communist party leader.

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Equities Wrap-Up – 2019.08.09

Interesting to look at these numbers. They don’t really tell the story. The real action started in the pre-market on Monday morning, the 5th, after China pegged the midpoint of the yuan against the dollar at a weaker level than 7 to 1, which has been seen as a line-in-the-sand for the pairing.

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Previous Posts

Equities Wrap-Up – 2019.08.02

Finally the S&P started to roll over in earnest. Not sure how far it will go, but with the jobs numbers coming in low and the previous months being adjusted downward, I have to believe there’s a little bit of water on the coals of the rally.

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Commodities Wrap-Up – 2019.08.02

Still looking for the grains to rally a little bit into the production report next week. However, my hopes for that may be misplaced, as any rally might only get us back to prior support at this point.

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