Commodities Wrap-Up – 2019.08.23

on on 2019.08.23


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The Heidler's Commodities Wrap Up

This week in commodities…

  • US Dollar Index:  -0.44%
  • Natural Gas:  -2.04%
  • Crude Oil (WTI):  -1.77%
  • Gold:  0.87%
  • Silver:  1.81%
  • Copper:  -2.32%
  • Soybeans:  -2.73%
  • Wheat:  1.44%
  • Corn:  -3.67%

With the exception of the grains and crude, commodities fared ok this week. Nat Gas took a bit of a dip, but this is normally the bottoming season for it. Should start turning up a bit into the fall. Hopefully Natural Gas is going to get some decent cold-snap spikes in price over the winter months.

Gold is still trending upward. This is a great environment for gold, with the fear creeping into the equities and talk about rate cuts. I would be willing to bet there’s some opportunity for put premium with low risk if the strike is far enough away.

Copper is falling like a rock because it’s so sensitive to economic trends. Copper is all about industrial use. When there’s fear of downturn, copper usually will show it. I wouldn’t hope for spikes in it. I also wouldn’t be selling put premium anywhere near the money in that one.


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