Commodities Wrap-Up – 2019.09.06

on on 2019.09.06


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The Heidler's Commodities Wrap Up

The Week In Grains, Metals and Energy

  • US Dollar Index:  -0.36%
  • Natural Gas:  9.12%
  • Crude Oil (WTI):  2.59%
  • Gold:  -1.02%
  • Silver:  -1.70%
  • Copper:  3.63%
  • Soybeans:  -1.27%
  • Wheat:  0.27%
  • Corn:  -3.66%

NatGas began to really ignite this week. Sellers of put premium should keep an eye on it for dips. Remember to stay deep out of the money and create spreads on every trade.

Gold. I don’t see this going too low since there’s big talk about the fed cutting, as well as the fears of a global slowdown.

Copper rallied and stabilized. With some optimism for a China deal, this looks appealing.


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