Why Use Spreads on Almost All Futures Options Trades? – Part 2, Ratio Spread

In part two of this short series on spreads, I will discuss the strategy behind the Ratio Credit Spread. We will use the term “ratio spread” when discussing this particular spread.

Why Use Spreads on Almost All Futures Options Trades? – Part 1

Unlimited risk is a term that doesn’t sit well with most non-professional traders. There are a few excellent ways to limit or almost limit the risk involved in selling futures options. We will discuss why spreading is possibly the best and most advantageous way for the average trader to approach options.

Activision Buy

I used to keep an eye on this one because my boys are in their teens and I see how they like to play video games. However, Fortnite had a huge effect on this stock and its competitors because of their free model.

The Big Sell-Off Today

The Big Sell-Off Today

This is hard to believe. The Traders and I were just talking about the probability/possibility of a selloff this morning over coffee. I made the case that this isn’t a bubble. (I still don’t think it’s a bubble). Then we started the day and the market fell like a rock.

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Thoughts on Selling Naked

Thoughts on Selling Naked

Naked options are by far the riskiest investments in the commodity arena. Even outright contracts can at least have a stop loss entered on them, which will get you out automatically if the position goes against you.

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My (Rich’s) Worst Trade Ever

Here at Traders Trading, we seek to entertain and educate. One of the best ways to learn to do something right is to learn from others’ mistakes. And learning from somebody else’s mistake can also be entertaining.

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